Lisa Peattie, professor emerita of urban studies and planning, dies at 94

Lisa Peattie, a celebrated scholar plus lifelong activist who had been a teacher emerita of metropolitan anthropology within the Department of Urban Studies and preparing and recipient of ACSP Distinguished Educator Award, passed away on Dec. 13, 2018. She was 94.

Peattie was created in Chicago and raised in Illinois, Mexico, and Guatemala. Her worldwide upbringing amid her parents’ fieldwork in Morelos and Yucatán, Mexico, nurtured an earlier interest in the connections among academic procedures.

She studied anthropology at University of Chicago, making the woman doctorate in 1968.

Peattie joined the MIT professors in 1963 using the goal of pushing anthropology out of the world of pure personal technology and into the arena of action and advocacy, by like the researcher’s ethical positions and the interests associated with the people being studied. She ended up being one of the primary female professors users to get tenure at MIT.

In 1962 Peattie along with her spouse, Roderick Peattie, relocated to South America to greatly help document the efforts of MIT-Harvard Joint Center for Urban Studies to plan a fresh city in the inside of Venezuela. The woman experiences on the go and her findings associated with the difficulties faced by those living on margins of the new city resulted in her pathbreaking book, “The View from the Barrio” (University of Michigan Press). The amount raised planners’ knowing of the way in which the plans they imagined in fact impacted people at the margins.

“Lisa was an unorthodox metropolitan anthropologist which strongly believed that governmental treatments inside resides of this metropolitan poor usually reduce steadily the autonomy associated with bad,” states Bish Sanyal, the Ford Professor of Urban developing and Planning. “She stumbled on this summary by living with poor people by observing from below how bad people coped with socioeconomic changes.” 

Following the death of the woman spouse in 1963, Peattie gone back to Boston to teach fulltime at MIT. During her career within Institute, Peattie remained a tenacious activist, protesting usually up against the Vietnam War during the sixties and early 1970s, against nuclear proliferation in the 1980s and 1990s, & most recently as part of the Occupy action in the early 2010s.

In 1966, she ended up being an element of the original group of students and professors from MIT and Harvard that produced Urban preparing Aid (UPA). This company ended up being the very first advocacy preparation firm in the usa. Peattie along with her colleagues supplied technical assistance and promoted empowerment in low-income communities up against housing, wellness, security, and representation challenges. UPA helped residents of Boston and Cambridge stop the recommended construction associated with the Inner Belt highway, battle evictions. preventing the demolition of housing.

“Lisa ended up being my teacher at MIT both in the MCP system and later for my PhD,” states Anna Hardman MCP ’71, PhD ’88. “I learned plenty from Lisa’s understanding, ideas, and passion‚ and from her commitment to crucial reasons‚ classes I re-learned whenever I worked for Urban Planning Aid in the 1970s. Lisa ended up being sensible, always thoughtful, and her share to women in the Department of Urban Studies and Preparing had been vital.”

In 1999, the Association of Collegiate institutes of thinking offered Peattie utilizing the profession’s highest teaching honor, its Distinguished Educator Award. The prize respected the woman scholarly successes plus the effect of her act as an used anthropologist and activist.

Peattie increased four kids: Christopher Peattie (spouse of Denise Hood), whom predeceased her last year; and Sara Peattie, Miranda Clemson, and Julia Peattie. She additionally will leave two grandchildren, Chris Clemson and Ella Beaver. She’s survived by her brother, James Redfield, along with his wife, Kathy Atlass.

“Widowed youthful within a international country with four kiddies, our mama proceeded to approach life with zest and nerve, taking a trip overland up the Pan-American Highway from Panama to New The united kingdomt within a Jeep together with her kids as well as a parrot,” state her daughters. “Our mommy was a woman with the capacity of enthralling a class of graduate pupils, growing a veggie garden, cooking breads, and painting the bed room ceiling all-in the same day. Usually exasperating, she was never dull. She put great parties and was a mean performer. In old age this lady body flagged but her nature, never. The Woman desire for the whole world never ever dimmed.”